I love smoking stuff!!!

Relax stoners, it’s not what you think.  A few weeks ago I had this idea…”hey, I should make s’mores ice cream!”  I made this graham whipped cream one time by steeping graham crust leftovers in the cream, straining them out, cooling the cream back down and whipping it up.  It was so rad!  I thought I could take that same principle to my ice cream base.  Then I’m thinking about chocolate and home-made marshmallow….and I thought….”man….if only it could taste like a campfire……….HOLY SHIT I SHOULD COLD SMOKE THE MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Another one of those culinary epiphanies that I love so much.  I was stoked on it but for some reason it took me a while to get around to actually doing it.  In my world, if you want to order something from a company that provides goods to a restaurant, you usually have to buy like massive amounts of whatever it is you want.  I totes didnt want 375 pounds of wood chips lying around my kitchen.

*The Daily Jiao*  I called over to Ankit, the manager of Birba and asked if by chance they had any wood for me to use to smoke with.  He said “sure! I’ll bring you some!!”  He bops into the kitchen with a freakin hunk of wood half the size of him in his hand.  I’m like “duuuude……I need chips?!” And ever the optimist, he starts hacking away at the wood happily with a cleaver.  With everyone looking on, waiting to see him chop his finger off and wood chips flying all over the place (he totally looked like pig-pen from the Peanuts, but instead of stink he was in a haze of wood dust) I say, “dude….I can go get them for like five bucks at the store….”  He says, “well why didn’t you say so?!” drops the cleaver and bops happily back out of the kitchen.

I set off to World Market and retrieved a three-pound bag of mesquite chips that will probably last me until I retire.  Today was D-day.  I had a lot of other stuff going on, such as this baby shower cake that was due today:

The cake was lemon cake, soaked with lemon simple syrup and filled with thai tea mousse.  I did the bottom tier then built a small round cake for the body of the bee and an even smaller one for the head, then carved the shapes out of each with a serrated knife.  I iced them together with buttercream and covered it! Easy peasy, but before that I threw together a batch of marshmallows so they would be set up by the time I was ready for them.

I finished the cake and IT WAS TIME!  I was so excited….would it work?!  Would it be disgusting?!  I love trying new things!!  I used a 4″ deep hotel pan (400 pan as we call it) and put the marshmallows in a 2″ deep perforated hotel pan and wrapped the top of that with plastic.  I threw the smoking chips into the 400 pan and sat the 200 pan on top and wrapped the whole thing in plastic.

AWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEAH!  Look at that!!!! It smelled just like a campfire in the kitchen and it sent me right back to the campouts of my youth.  I waited an agonizing five minutes before sneaking out a marshmallow and shoving that pillowy soft goodness in my mouth……..oh man.  Let’s just say………it. worked. It was SO GOOD! The smoke flavor was there to be sure but had not penetrated the entire marshmallow so you still got the sweet vanilla goodness in the center! I felt like a genius, I wont lie.  I’m sure someone somewhere has done this but if they have I havent heard about it.  I just love it when ideas actually work!!!!!!!

So today’s “Sunday Funday Sundae” was graham ice cream, brownie bits, chocolate sauce and mesquite smoked marshmallow.

Just for fun, I’ll share the two other Sunday Funday Sundae’s that I have done thus far:

mango sorbet, plum sorbet, marshmallow fluff, ube meringue, plum chip, sparkly strawberry chocolate (kinda like a pop rock but white chocolate, not hard candy.  I added strawberry powder, baking soda and citric acid), mango sauce and some of that rad nata de coco stuff that my friend Sherman brought me from one of her asian market adventures.

This one was bacon-ish ice cream (kinda bacony but not a lot…bacon-ish..ya feel me?) malted hot fudge, peanut bacon toffee and bacon whipped cream.  The bacon whipped cream was another epiphany.  I had the rendered bacon fat from the bacon I used in the toffee sitting there taunting me.  I thought “what if…………………” So I busted out the food processor and the tapioca maltodextrine and went to town making bacon powder.  (tapioca maltodextrine turns fats into powders)  I then whipped the bacon powder into the whipped cream and boom. bacon whipped cream.  Yes, it was as good as it sounds.  Smoky, sweet and luscious.

That was my day!  I love my job!!!!!!!!!!!